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Objective: Hack the glowing holo-billboards throughout the run, by mashing any buttons as you run over them. Hack as many as you can! If you avoid enough obstacles, you'll get close to a hackable vehicle, which also nets you bonus data! How much data can you score?

PC Controls: 

W,S / Up Arrow, Down Arrow: Slide up/down whilst on wall
Space: Jump across Sprawl gap. 

Mash all/any keys: Hack whilst running on a holo-billboard of near the target vehicles.
Escape/ P: Pause game. 

SprawlRunner is a ten-day #cyberpunkjam game made by the newly founded Melbourne based indie studio Impossible Worlds. In it, the player takes on the role of a shadowrunner, hired to assist in the hacking of holoboards across the endless city streets of the Sprawl. The objective is to score as much data for your employer before suffering from the inevitable deceleration trauma that comes with plummeting down skyscrapers with nothing but your augmented legs to keep you up. Made in Unity 3D for PC by a team of ten people.

If time permits after development of other titles, an iOS/Android port, with much more polish, and more attention to balancing will be worked on. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to @deviever for this awesome jam experience! 

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Music by CruciA & Synx, also known as HaraKiri.